‘Underwater’ Homes Inch Up in First Quarter

The following markets had the highest percentage of seriously underwater properties in the first quarter of 2015:Lakeland, Fla.: 28.7%Las Vegas, Nev.: 28.4%Cleveland, Ohio: 28.2%Akron, Ohio: 27.2%Orlando, Fla.: 26.1%Tampa, Fla.: 25%Chicago, Ill.: 24.7%Palm Bay, Fla.: 24.5%Jacksonville, Fla.: 24.3% Source: ‘Underwater’ Homes Inch Up in First Quarter | Realtor Magazine Always good to review what’s happening in […]

Top 10 Spots in USA that are Earth Friendly Counties

Top 10 Spots in USA Counties that are Earth Friendly Glad to see some places I’ve traveled to on this list! It’s always fun and informative being a Realtor®! “Today is Earth Day, when we celebrate environmental protection, and some U.S. counties are doing that better than others. RealtyTrac recently ranked counties based on their […]

Early Spring Lawn Care Tips for Oklahoma Real Estate

Preparing Your Lawn For Spring | Early Spring Lawn Care Tips Selling your home in Oklahoma this Spring? Do you know how important it is to address the issues of ‘curb appeal’? Selling your home successfully in any market means that you, the home seller need to work closely with your Realtor® to ensure the […]