Home Selling Real Estate Tips

Home Selling Real Estate Tips

Selling your home and sweating an upcoming home inspection? Here are six home selling real estate tips that will make your home inspector happy and save time and money in the process. Everyone wants a smooth home inspection. Sellers, buyers, agents... everyone’s rooting that this high-stakes moment passes without a hitch. Add to that list the home inspector, too! Save time, save money. If Continue Reading

Best Real Estate Tip for Selling a Home

Homes for Sale

Best and Most Important Tip for Selling a Home? SET THE RIGHT PRICE The time eventually comes when a realistic selling price must be set for the home for sale. A Realtor comes in handy in that they have intimate knowledge of current market conditions. A realtor can also use MLS to determine sale prices for homes that have recently sold in the same neighborhood as the home for sale. A realtor, is Continue Reading

Halloween Home Owner Tips for a Safe Halloween

Thanksgiving Oklahoma

Is your front entryway ready for Halloween visitors? Keep everything fun and accident-free with these seven safety tips. Halloween is here in Oklahoma! You'll want your home to be safe for all the little trick or treaters who choose to visit your OKC home this Halloween. Take note of these simple Oklahoma Realtor tips and enjoy a Happy and Safe Halloween this holiday season! Halloween Home Continue Reading