Design tips to make a small bathroom more spacious

As an Oklahoma REALTOR®, I get questions not only about real estate transactions, market trends, and home sales strategies, but also about home improvement and home design tips, improvements and additions to your home. If you're interested in bathrooms and design tips for bathrooms in your home (who isn't? ), then you will find this information of interest. Design tips to make a small bathroom Continue Reading

Oklahoma Real Estate Tips | Air Duct Cleaning

Do You Really Need to Clean Your Air Ducts? By: Dave Toht, HouseLogic Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t any health benefits linked to cleaning air ducts, but having a pro remove gunk can boost the efficiency of your HVAC. Five to seven times a day, the air in your home circulates through the air ducts of your HVAC heating and cooling system, carrying with it the dust and debris of Continue Reading

OKC Home Buying Tip | Debt and Financing

Home Buying Tip  and Loan Financing Tips Valerie McEvoy RE/MAX Buying a home and not sure where to start? If you are buying a home in Oklahoma City, you need to secure the services of a 'Buyer's Agent' in OKC. A Buyer's Agent will represent you and advise you as opposed to a listing or seller agent who is technically working for the home seller. If you are buying a home, you want representation Continue Reading