Oklahoma City Lofts | Bricktown Lofts | Midtown Condos | Downtown Loft Living in OKC

Oklahoma City Lofts | Bricktown Lofts | Midtown Condos | Downtown Loft Living in OKC

Bricktown Downtown Loft Living Downtown Oklahoma City has seen much development and improvement in the addition of new lofts and condos for sale and lease. Bricktown Lofts are available and put you close to all the new action going on in the Oklahoma City Bricktown area. Midtown has added many quality dining and entertainment spots and new loft projects are under development now. Downtown in general is adding and renovating new restaurants, clubs, retail and loft living space for the new breed of young professionals who are recognizing the job opportunities and lifestyle choices in OKC. Loft homes have popped up around Bricktown, Midtown and Downtown Oklahoma City, and taken on a totally new type of residents along the way. If you are considering an opportunity in this carefree lifestyle style, here are the most notable 3 Advantages for Residing in a Loft Apartment here in Oklahoma City:

1. Open and Customizable Living Space: Delineate your personal living areas! The straightforward layout of the loft space residence is great for lifestyle choices. A wide-open living space in OKC Lofts replaces constrictive wall space, doorways as well as rooms of conventional residence floor designs. This blank canvas space to living is great for enabling you to move about as well as position your own possessions and furnishings where ever you would like. You are certainly not required to place them where you “have to”. The actual wide open floor plan enables you to make your own bed in one spot one week, as well as in a totally different spot the next. Most of my clients love the freedom that downtown loft living provides.

2. Eclectic Style and Freedom to Make the Loft Your Own: Bringing the actual old as well as new worlds together is definitely part of the ambience of the Oklahoma City loft space lifestyle. Where else are you able to dwell and also have aged plank-wood flooring, 6-foot high glass windows, a good off-white linen for a window curtain if you like, all drawn together with the newest contemporary lounge, directly from the collection from your preferred furniture and interior designer? I have seen quality OKC lofts containing furniture from Bruno’s, Mathis Brothers and mixed with antique store items from Western Avenue stores. Works great and looks fabulous together!

3. Big City Lifestyle without Reducing Breathing and Living Space Options: Lifestyle in an urban center has customarily meant a small flat without having room to breathe. The actual other choice has been to reside in suburbia, which usually meant an everyday commute into work in an automobile, shuttle bus, or commuter train. Loft space homes give their residents the very best of both worlds, because this kind of property is noticeably less expensive to build and/or maintain from the landlord viewpoint, and also the cost savings are usually transferred onto their tenants. The new developing downtown OKC areas such as 9th street make walking to Red Prime, Iguana Grill, Sara Sara Cupcakes, or other fine dining and fun spots a breeze. Skip the car or cab and walk!

Oklahoma City Lofts | Bricktown Lofts | Midtown Condos

As a professional Oklahoma Realtor®, I specialize in finding and acquiring the best residences for new home buyers and new young professionals moving into the Oklahoma City area. The choices in Downtown OKC loft living seems to great appeal to this new breed of OKC resident. If you are interested in lofts and condos in the Downtown, Bricktown and Midtown OKC area, give me a call and let’s see what tickles your fancy. You will love the ‘New OKC’ and all the great developments in culture, dining and entertainment going on here. I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams in finding the perfect OKC loft!

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