Oklahoma Real Estate | You Bought a Home and Now the Lawn has Issues!

Buying Oklahoma Real Estate means taking care of Oklahoma lawns. Our weather can be ‘unusual’ and sometimes downright challenging for new home owners who desire a garden or golf course perfect lawn. Need some ideas on a way to start off your Oklahoma lawn right with the correct ground cover or lawn grass composition?

We love our lawns. Turf grass covers nearly 47 million acres in the U.S., according to the Lawn Institute. But that’s not very green. The average household dumps 60 gallons of water per day on conventional lawns. Toxic lawn herbicides and pesticides run off into lakes and streams. Gas-powered mowers spew pollution. And then there’s the watering, weeding, seeding, sodding, thatching, and mulching commitment.

If you’re looking for an alternative, consider replacing some or all of your high-maintenance turf with innovative grasses that require little or no water or mowing once established, or ground covers that form walkable “carpets.”

In turn, you’ll reduce the need for irrigation, stop washing harmful chemicals into the watershed, add depth and texture to your landscape, and spend your spare time enjoying your yard instead of manicuring it.

Looking for the best ideas on lawn grass and ground covers for your Oklahoma lawn? Click this link to see some excellent advice on making your new Oklahoma home have a beautiful Oklahoma lawn and excellent curb appeal!

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